Define Limited?
"Are you okay with how limited sneakers have become? Where do we even begin?"
february 10, 2021
What's Your Definition of Limited?
Are we talking numbered pairs or restrictions on stock?
Are you willing to adapt to the resell value of sneakers skyrocketing because of this so called "limit?"
There's this thing where I feel that companies are more concerned with how fast something is sold out by the consumer, rather than the actual value and staying power of the product. I know we're talking shoes, but let me give you something current and brief.
NOCTA by Drake X Nike
I'm currently making a purchase for a Nike sweat suit that's running $300+ before Stockx adds in their over the top taxes.

I'm really sitting here about to spend $300+ on a sweat suit because Drake endorsed it.

The hype was (and still obviously is) so high that the clothing was sold as a SNKRS drop. It sold out in seconds.
This is the same thing that happens with shoes every week. We get a product, the product is limited, it sells out in 60 seconds, and your day is ruined.

Once the sneaker is gone, you would think the timeline would be filled with joy and excitement, but unfortunately; it's filled with disappointment.

How can so many people win but the conversation around your product is a sh*t show?
Companies, Brands, and corporations know what's going to work and what won't, and as much as we speak our mind, I feel in the moment of where we are today, the time lapse of selling out is more important and click worthy than the actual product itself. Look how the Kobe 6 "Grinch" release went. Case and point.
So what do we do?
Are you going to quit buying? No. Are you going to complain? Yes. Did any of that help you? Absolutely not! So how many times do you have to catch an L before you submit to resale or keep hoping you strike on a "limited" pair?


I planned on finding a way to add the outdated "entanglement" joke to describe the relationship between you and these releases. I couldn't find one worthy. So just skip this I was saying.

Put Up or shut Up!

Either you can adapt or you can spend every Saturday morning tweeting about how SNKRS app is ass. Choice is yours. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, you do realize a plan has to be made or suffering just gets worse.
Limited = Saturation
My opinion, if your sneaker or brand is that hot; make a monumental quantity.
My opinion, if your sneaker or brand is that hot; make a monumental quantity. Let's see if your sneaker is really that good. If it is, a million pairs will sell out just as fast as 100,000 units. The resell will still be relevant, the hype will be in attendance, and the value becomes legendary.
Written by Demetrius Reynolds Jr (@thelightskinhomie )
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