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Sneaker insurance -
what is it? do you really need it?
We often get excited when a new pair of kicks drop, or we cop for retail when we know the resale price is gonna be crazy.

But what happens when we take a true L?
You're thinking about flexing on the crowd or telling your crew about what you just picked up but what happens when things go wrong?

‣ What if your kicks get stolen?

‣ Your girl spills red wine on your Off-Whites which are now a shade of off-red ????

‣ Your little sis rides her bike over your sneakers and leaves a permanent mark?

‣ Or your dog thinks your Jordan 1 Breds are bread, literally. ☹ ☹ ☹

Yea fam, that's an L none of us want...

ANSWER - You need sneaker insurance!
What is sneaker insurance?
Sneaker insurance is exactly what it sounds like.
If something bad happens* to your shoes, having a sneaker insurance policy in place covers them for their value so you can replace them.

Just like your car insurance protects you from spending thousands $$$ on a new bumper after a fender-bender, sneaker insurance protects your collection from an unexpected financial and emotional disaster. ⛑
How is it different from homeowners or renters insurance?
Home, condo, mobile home, rental, and tenant insurance policies have different kinds of coverage. Most have exclusions or limits on on collectibles like sneakers.
For example, collectible items like sneakers or art would require a special rider or an endorsement. PLUS, an extra fee, to your policy for inclusion or full coverage.

Those exclusions and limitations are difficult to understand and many times we wind up being left empty-handed when a claim is unexpectedly rejected or reimbursement amount if far below market value that is needed to replace our kicks.
Problems with old school insurance
There are backdoor exclusions, incomprehensible definitions written in complex legalese, and convoluted claims procedures to follow.

And then you must talk insurance lingo with an insurance agent who doesn't understand the sneaker game.

Meanwhile the carrier will hit you with paperwork to determine authenticity, value, agreed value and replacement value - all tactics seemingly to keep from having to cover your high value items.

Most of the time they will only cover up to a certain limit, which is far below what many sneakers are worth. Or they will cover up to what you paid based on your receipt, which is even less.

This is exhausting and makes us wonder,
"WTF... I thought that's why I came to you guys. Shouldn't you know most of this and help me get the coverage I really need!"
Out with the old, in with the new
We know how hard you work to cop your kicks. We've seen lots of people take major Ls, and each time we feel their pain.
Keeping your sneakers protected is our mission, and your happiness is our reward!

Unboxed PRO-TECT is Here!
Exclusive to our members, we now offer Unboxed PRO-TECT sneaker insurance to meet the needs of all sneakerheads.

Our team of sneaker experts ensure that sneakerheads receive unique and precise insurance that covers a wide range of situations.
Get Covered in 3 easy steps
Download Unboxed
Add your sneakers
Upgrade to PRO-TECT
What's Covered with Unboxed PRO-TECT?
Or better yet, what's not covered because we cover your kicks for almost everything! ⭐
Accidents happen all the time, but they shouldn't result in a total loss. Unboxed PRO-TECT covers your sneakers for common incidents from:
- Spills
- Kids or Pets
- Fire
- Flood (must not live in a flood zone)
We are all too familiar with stories of thieves helping themselves to someone else's sneakers. Unboxed PRO-TECT covers your sneakers for theft that occurs in many situations and venues:
- Home
- Storage
- Travel
- Shipping (coverage limited to $400 on items shipped without signature request.)
PRO-TECT your soles
With Unboxed PRO-TECT, our sneaker insurance*policies are written, specifically for sneakerheads.
Starting at just $15.99 per month, Unboxed PRO-TECT will secure your collection, so you spend time wearing rather than worrying.

Btw, if you DO shoot yourself in the foot, we will replace the damaged pair of kicks for you. ❤️✨
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*Insurance is provided by World Trade Labs. Inc. dba Assurely, a licensed insurance agent and is issued by a third party licensed insurance carrier. The above is a summary only and for educational purposes only. Actual coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. The monthly subscription cost of $15.99 includes products and services provided by Unboxed, in addition to the insurance provided through Assurely.
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