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Sneaker Collections: How tracking your kicks pay off
Why do we regularly feel like we are coming up short and missing out on the kicks we want the MOST?
If you cop kicks regularly chances are you have built up an impressive closet full of options for nearly every day of the month.

Yet too often our sneaker funds are tapped out by the end of the month but it seems like we are not much closer to having the kicks we really want.

Is there a better way?
Collecting advice from the pros
Tips from top collectors & enthusiasts
Make your sneaker budget go farther
We went on a mission to find out, can you have a budget AND still get the kicks you want most?

Melissa from Kicks & Fros advice in her Sneaker's 101 is to "create a sneaker budget and stick to it!"

A budget not only helps us not go broke, but can be also be a good tool to keep us focused on the kicks that we truly care about. The stuff we love is the stuff we will actually wear and will give us the most satisfaction.

A true WIN is when we get kicks that are really meaningful to us but don't put us in a position where we can't pay the rent :)

They give us joy with every wear AND we can still afford to go out for dinner & drinks with friends.
Wear Your Kicks!
With the non-stop hunt to cop sometimes we forget what we have and neglect to wear our kicks.

Or worse, we cop and just prop them up on the shelf like some sort of tribute to the sneaker gods.

This is a MUST!

Matter of fact, there is a GREAT newsletter by Mike Sykes dedicated to this - "Kicks You Wear".
Patience, persistence, and attention to detail are key in this game. Also having the right tools to keep track of what you got and how much you are in for pay off in the long run.

Unboxed helps you keep track of what you have and organize your collection to stay on top of your game.

Also be willing to cast a wide net, and consider all the possible avenues for acquiring your kicks. Check out our "Cop your kicks smarter" post for info on alternate places to cop.

More options and sneaker sources will put you in a position to make the best deals - a formula for both bigger wins & long term success.
JULY 2021

Written by James
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