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You don't take a photograph. You make it. --- Ansel Adams
Sneaker Photography: How to take pics that will make your kicks sell fast
Time to sell some kicks!
Are they priced to sell quick
or will they sit because something is off?
Bots are making it almost impossible to hit so we have to look for other means to cop what we want.
It's crazy to think that as sneakerheads we find ourselves picking up more kicks on the secondary market on release day rather than traditional footsites. The question becomes is resell the new retail? Places like Reddit, Facebook and eBay are becoming more popular choices as people look for platforms with lower fees and quicker shipping methods.

Although these sites offer better prices and quicker ways to get that fresh pair in hand they have one downside.....PICTURE QUALITY!

People are dependent on sellers taking good pictures of the kicks they are trying to sell so that buyers can make a comfortable purchase. Unfortunately, a good picture can be the difference between a pair selling quickly or sitting there and being constantly reposted.

Here are some photo tips to follow when creating that listing that will capture a buyers eye.......
Check Your Surroundings
Where to Start
Before you get your camera or phone out to snap a pic of your kicks check out what your surroundings are looking like.
Don't be like that person that decides to snap a selfie in the bathroom with the toilet in the background and underclothes thrown all over.

You wanna locate a spot thats clean and wont distract the buyer from what they came to the post for.

People don't wanna see your kicks sitting on the kitchen counter or in your bed. Your hygiene practices should stay behind closed doors ;-).

Examples of unappealing backgrounds
Lights, Camera, Action
Brighten Things Up
Choose a well-lit area with a solid background preferably white.

This allows the shoe to be the focal point and gives buyers the chance to evaluate the condition and see if the kicks have any flaws.

Options to create this white background could be a desk, table, backdrop or a bedsheet laid over something....just not your bed :-).

A black background could work also but the white just gives a little more pop to a shoe especially if it's a pair that has vibrant colors.
Photo by Dominican_Coqui
Capture the Entire Shoe
Photograph the Flaws
Make sure to CLEARLY capture all the primary areas on a shoe.

These areas include the following areas.

• Body,
• Toe box (ESPECIALLY on Jordan 1's)
• Midsole
• Outsole
• Insole

Check out our post on Sneaker Condition: How to evaluate and rate sneakers for a full breakdown on each area of the shoe.
Having clear images of the entire shoe will make or break a sale.
It's most important because buyers can't physically evaluate the kicks so the PICS have to be ON POINT and to TELL THE WHOLE STORY.

Nothing shuts a potential purchase down more than a bad picture. Since this is a person to person transaction the buyer is the authenticator.

How can you expect someone to authenticate a shoe if they don't photograph the important areas?

Check out this article by HYPEBEAST discussing how CheckCheck does their authentication via picture submission.
An area that is helpful to photograph but in a lot of instances is neglected is a picture of the shoe tag.
In some cases, the tag can help identify if a shoe is fake or not. This isn't always true but a buyer gets an extra sense of security with a seller that goes above and beyond others.

Primary areas to photograph. Examples show clear pictures with solid backgrounds that make shoe stand out.
Box it Up
Is the Box Really Important?
Make sure you snap a pic of the box as well to include with your listing.

When securing your kicks you naturally expect to receive your package with no flaws. This in most instances also includes the box. Yes the square thing made of cardboard that protects our coveted kicks!

Imagine you go to a fancy restaurant expecting this meal that is plated clean, has the perfect portion sizes and looks delicious. The waiter comes out with something that's slapped on a plate and looks like it's from a hood spot. Now, this meal may be the BEST thing you'll ever have BUT because it looks awful it turns you away.

This is the same mindset when considering if the box is important or not. Although the shoes are still in excellent condition, the box is ultimately still a part of the entire package.

Nobody wants to pay resell for an item and get a box that looks like you did the A-Town Stomp on it.
Nothing more frustrating than the anticipation of that new pickup arriving only to see the box destroyed.
Close the Deal
Show Some Effort
To get that quick payout on your listing and increase your selling reputation TAKE QUALITY PICS!

An extra few minutes of effort can make a hell of an impact to your pockets AND will increase your chances for repeat business from a buyer as well as recommendations.
Start thinking like a business man and make boss moves so your buyers can cop from you with a peace of mind.

As for the buyers, once you have that new pickup in hand make sure to add them to Unboxed and let us help you manage/organize your sneaker closet.

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