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SNKRS Exclusive Access - Go or No Go?
Nike will be giving exclusive access to SNKRS members who have had a certain number of Ls. Wanna find out if you qualify?
Exclusive Access Launch Details for Air Jordan 1 High OG Lost & Found posted to SNKRS
SNKRS Launch Details

"To prioritize SNKRS Members who have been the biggest AJ1 fans, the Air Jordan 1 'Chicago' will be released via Exclusive Access in the SNKRS app. This will be in addition to the main launch on November 19th.

Understanding Exclusive Access for the Air Jordan 1 'Chicago'

Exclusive Access will provide some of our most dedicated SNKRS Members the opportunity to purchase the Air Jordan 1 'Chicago'. The offers will go out to a selection of Members who have entered and lost at least 20 different Air Jordan 1 High releases on SNKRS."

Tap to find out if you can get Exclusive Access

"Exclusive Access does not guarantee general availability or availability in your preferred size. For a greater opportunity to secure a pair in your size, it is recommended that you have Push Notifications enabled so you know if you are given Exclusive Access. Exclusive Access will be sent to select Members on November 8th." (per post on SNKRS)

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Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found
Upcoming launch, see details.
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